Children's beds / children's rooms

Regardless of whether you are looking for a bed or a whole set of furnishings for your children's room - you will find what you are looking for with us!



Royal Dreams - Stubenwagen

Lying area 45 x 90cm

4 lockable carpet rolls

including veil

Price from: 229Fr

Bassinet Jasmine

Innovative design with a natural expression. We have given our new bassinet Jasmin a maximum of loving ease. Soft fabrics combined with clear shapes enable a highly ergonomic and close contact between you and your little one. Enjoy the most intense time in the life of a family with a lot of warmth, closeness and elegant lightness!

Different  Color combinations and  Types possible!


Children's room Fresh

Royal Dreams - Kinderzimmer

Children's bed (including convertible sides 70 x 140 cm)

Price from: 329Fr

Changing table

3 drawers, W 108 x H 89 x D 75 cm

Price from: 509Fr

Wall shelf

W 90 x H 31 x D 20 cm

Price from: 69Fr

3-part cabinet

W 133 x H 193 x D 54.5 cm

Price from: 879Fr

high level rack

W 45.5 x H 193 x D 54.5 cm

Price from: 349Fr

Fresh sets  cheerful, colorful accents and brings a breath of fresh air into the children's room with panels painted in different colors! Fresh also loves variety in other things: Who actually says that drawer handles always have to be exactly one below the other? It should be alive! Fresh is also available in two colors, brown and white.

Clear lines, white on white: This is how Fresh contrasts the hustle and bustle of children with a calm shade. Enjoy the conscious reduction, the moment of color silence. Because it's going to be round and colorful in the children's room again soon!

If you want to take things a little easier optically, you can choose Fresh with panels in dignified brown: This color combination has the enormous advantage that the cupboard and chest of drawers can be used seamlessly in the youth room and can also be seen in adults!

(the drawers are now delivered in white)


Momo children's room

Royal Dreams - Kinderzimmer Momo

Children's bed (including convertible sides 70 x 140 cm)

Price: from 459Fr

Changing table

3 drawers, W 108 x H 89 x D 75 cm

Price: from 589

3-part cabinet

W 133 x H 193 x D 54.5 cm

Price: from 729Fr

Safe from the start in your own house.  Safe and well delimited, MOMO creates a small oasis of calm with added value with its roof element as a modern interpretation of the veil. Light pastel tones and a playful design language make the children's room an eye-catcher right from the start. And so that the little darling is not distracted while changing nappies, there is also "your own home" as a nappy changing attachment with a practical bar for first gripping games.

Royal Dreams - Kinderzimmer Spiel  und  Hochbett

Play bed 

L 207 x W 105 x H 125 cm
Lying height approx. 100 cm

various combinations possible: (inclined) ladder, slide, tunnel, walls.

Also as bunk (lying height approx. 43 / 238cm) or loft bed (lying height approx. 162 cm)  available.

Price: from 519Fr

Our children's beds are sacred retreats, a place to dream about adventures, to cuddle with loved ones and to relax from exciting childhood days. Our bed variants are more than just a cozy place to sleep - design the living and relaxation space of your little ones individually and child-friendly, full of space for rest and adventure at the same time.

Whether a single bed, loft bed, bunk bed or play bed, whether a simple place to relax or a wild adventure playground - discover the possibilities and create the place that makes your child dream. Thanks to many practical and loving supplementary products, the beds can be tailored to suit every taste and create the perfect backdrop for every adventure.

Play and loft beds

Important information

All of the material we process is environmentally friendly and harmless to health with regard to the release of formaldehyde. All surfaces comply with DIN 53160 (saliva and sweat resistance) and the European standard EN 71 for the safety of children's toys.

For the sake of the environment, in addition to recyclable packaging material, we use water-based paints and local types of wood for our products.
All foils and fabrics we use comply with the Federal Minister of Health's Ordinance on Commodities.

All of our articles comply with the applicable European standard.

Delivery and installation

Delivery of these products is included in the price, but assembly is not included.