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FlowSleeping System

A bed system from the Leibundgut sleep concept,

the  your body  adapts optimally with every change of position.

You will not only experience excellent support, you will be lying  

also extremely comfortable.

The unique flow system supports your body through its well thought-out compensation construction. No matter how and where you lie, the bed adapts perfectly to you!

Royal Dreams FlowSystem

The system is divided into three zones. Each zone is best thought of as a balance scale. Every  of these three zones gives in to the strongest pressure and supports the other parts of your body. 

This allows prominent body parts such as shoulders or pelvis to sink in enough and the hollows of the knees and the back receive the support they need. 

No matter how you turn and turn, this system always adapts to you!

Composition of the FlowSleeping system

A FlowSleeping system is made up of three individually assemblable elements:

  1. Insert frame (basic, manual or electrical)

  2. FlowForm or Flex (plates or lamellas)

  3. Mattress (different materials, thicknesses and  Coatings possible) 

Einzelne Elemente eines FlowSleepings Betts




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1. Insert frame

Royal Dreams FlowSystem Einlegerahmen

Insert frame  in three different versions:

  • Basic (without seat elevation)

  • Manually  (with seat raised) 

  • Electric (with electric seat elevation)

Price:  From 580Fr. (90x200cm)

available in all common sizes

FlowForm: flexible plates

Another advantage of this system is that a wide variety of settings can be made at any time so that you lie optimally throughout your life.

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2. FlowForm or FlowFlex

Royal Dreams FlowSystem Einlegerahmen Form - Lamellen

FlowForm: lamellae

FlowFlex  (Lamellas) or FlwoForm (plates)

Price: from 850Fr.

The system is available in two versions. With the FlowForm (plate) you experience the best possible adaptation.  The FlowFlex (lamellae) is also based on  the balance principle and gives  Your body  a little more stability.

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3. mattress​

Royal Dreams Naturlatex Matratze

Height:  13cm; 16cm; 18cm.

Relation:  Virgin wool or tencil


Price: from 1398 Fr. (90x200cm) 

available in all common sizes

We recommend our extremely point-elastic natural latex mattress (100% natural latex) so that you benefit optimally from this adaptable insert frame.

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Benefit from our set price

If you buy the whole set at once, you will save at least 139 francs!

Set price  from: 2502 Fr.  (Price: 2641Fr.)

  • Insert frame

  • Slats or plates

  • mattress

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