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Neck pillow V28

The pillow for all sleeping positions and needs

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  • The neck pillow is easy to use  adjust in height and inclination  for perfect sleeping comfort.

  • The neck is slightly stretched through the inclined ribs and the intervertebral discs are optimally relieved.

  • It is ideal for people who prefer a supple and point-elastic pillow.

  • Talalay® latex is the highest quality and most breathable latex and is therefore ideal for people who sweat a lot.

  • This neck pillow is perfect for those allergic to house dust mites as it is antimicrobial and mold-resistant. It is also safe to use for babies.

Sizes and prices

Size: 80x40cm

External reference

  • 69% polyester

  • 31% lyocell

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100

  • Cover washable at 60 ° C

NEW: Cover adjustable in height


The wishes and needs of our customers let us develop a neck pillow that  28-fold adjustable in height and inclination  is. This makes it perfectly usable for every weight and every body size. The core of the neck pillow V28 Air natur consists of pure natural latex, which is foamed using the Talalay process. Due to this production, the latex is very air-permeable and the neck pillow is therefore also ideal for people who sweat a lot.

The latex is made entirely without artificial additives (without odorants and fillers). It does not produce harmful exhaust gases and is free from petrochemical materials and other harmful substances. It consists of 100% renewable raw materials and can be completely recycled and reused. The entire manufacturing process is also powered exclusively by clean and renewable energies. The latex is "Cradle to Cradle® Gold" certified.

Both versions of the V28 Air® natural Talalay latex cushion are softer than ours  V28 Air® Classic  and more breathable than that  V28 Air® Visco .

useful information

In 1839 it was discovered that when heated - vulcanization - rubber and sulfur lead to a rubber that remains strong and stable at temperatures of 0 to 100 ° C. Rubber became a really important industrial product. The raw material for natural latex comes from the tropical rubber tree "Hevea brasiliensis", which grows mainly in Southeast Asia. The word "rubber" comes from the South American Indian language and means something like "weeping wood". Like resin in a fir tree, if its bark is damaged, a milky sap (latex) flows out of the rubber tree, which hardens into a rubbery mixture. This is a protective mechanism of the plant to prevent mold or bacteria from penetrating the plant in the event of injuries or damage by insects: The milky sap flows to the surface, hardens and thus protects the "wound" of the plant. The milk tubes, which unfold the rubber juice, are located in the bark of the smooth, up to 20m high trunk. The bark is cut in a curve so that the latex milk flows out and can be caught in small cups.


The 100% natural latex raw material mixture is only slightly opened into a mold with approx. 8,000 needle pins (with a 100x200 cm latex core), which is then closed and vacuumized. The degree of hardness of the pillow is determined by the amount of latex raw material mixture filled. By creating the vacuum, the material spreads optimally in the mold and there are no unwanted air pockets, since only small amounts of the latex mixture are distributed in the mold. The latex mass is then shock-frozen in the mold over pins and outer walls to approx. -32 ° C. In this way, the cell membranes keep their round shape, even though they partially break open. This creates the typical, open-pored cell structure of the natural latex cores.

Finally, a mixture of carbon dioxide and air is introduced, which causes the natural latex to gel in order to obtain a preliminary strength. The latex mass is then heated to 115 ° C in the mold, thus initiating vulcanization, which solidifies the mattress core and holds it in its final shape. Thorough washing, drying with hot air and various tests complete the process. (Source

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