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The Relax 2000 sleep system

Royal Dreams - relax2000.png

The Relax 2000 sleep system is the flagship among our bed systems - thanks to the plate system, you sleep like on a cloud. Our sleep systems adapt individually to your needs and your body shape, so that all areas of the body are supported in the right places. Pain - for example in the back - will soon be a thing of the past and you will sleep noticeably better in the long run. The sole use of wood connections make your bedroom increasingly metal-free, which has a positive effect on sleep and maximizes sleeping comfort.


Natural mattresses and accessories to make you feel good

In addition to the right bed system, the right mattress and the right accessories made of natural materials are also important so that you sleep better in the long term. Our RELAX® mattresses adapt to all areas of the body and thus comfortably support the back. This support has a positive effect on back pain and lack of sleep will no longer be an issue in the future, as sleep comfort is maximized and you sleep better all round. The RELAX® mattresses consist exclusively of natural and sustainable materials such as natural latex and therefore only have positive effects on your body and your sleep. We also only use natural materials for our accessories - such as cushions, duvets and pillows - in order to bring your bedroom as close as possible to nature. Convince yourself of the quality of our mattresses and come test beds. We look forward to meeting your individual needs.

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