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Healthy lying and sleeping

Healthy lying and sleeping. A topic that affects us all and yet a lot is unknown.  In a holistic view, Anita Mani (physiotherapist specializing in lying and sleep counseling) introduces the topic of healthy lying and sleeping in an informative, entertaining evening.  

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Continuing education for everyone


Due to the current Corona situation, we are currently giving  no new course dates known.

However, if you do  If you are interested, you are welcome to contact us for a private course  Report

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Further training for healthcare professionals

Course content


  • General introduction to sleep

  • Goals of healthy lying and sleeping

  • What can positively or negatively influence regeneration during sleep?

  • Inclusion of sleep in findings and treatment

  • Ergonomics and sleep

  • Sleeping positions: advantages and disadvantages

  • Overview of the bed market (advantages and disadvantages of the systems)

  • Influence of pillows and blankets on sleep

  • Questions and discussion



Anita Mani, graduate Physiotherapist

Specialized in the area of lying and sleeping advice

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